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SAMANTHA HUSTON SADDLES is a busy one woman show at this time and the best way to get your questions answered is to call me directly at 805-704-9678 Check in for current wait times and quotes.

Working closely with my customers, I build an ultralight, slightly flexible pleasure saddle for the best possible fit and the most comfortable experience for you and your horses. I work with many hard to fit and treasured mounts. From the widest to the narrowest, I am able to hand sculpt an appropriate multidimensional topline. I can also build a standard saddle that will fit most horses with a nice conformation or with a certain breed in mind.

​I carry on my father's life's work as a saddle maker with 55 years experience. In his life time, my dad, William Lee Huston, aka 'Bill', developed his own solution to the challenging task of fitting the horse for optimal performance, comfort and bonding. A pioneer of the treeless saddle era, he engineered his own version of a saddle tree by custom sculpting every component of a western saddle with a supportive and firm, yet lightweight, specialized foam. Layering the foam with leather, he created the necessary support for weight bearing with a subtle flexibility. The Huston saddle gently hugs the horse's shape and offers a wider range of motion. Our saddles are 100% handmade with hand tools and even carefully hand stitched to ensure a strong and long lasting, masterfully crafted saddle. I am so grateful for my dad's inventiveness and our development of a version centered on tailoring that I am able to offer.

My saddles have no intricate tooling, or silversmithing like my father's. The saddle leather is smooth, in either saddle tan, dark oil or black. The padded seat, lacing, trim and the suede underside are available in various colors from understated to bold. Saddles come standard with leather rosettes or can be accented with 8 decorative conches with 1/2" slots. The emphasis is always on the ergonomic nexus of horse and rider which is the main mission of my work.

Thank you for your interest in Huston Saddles, again feel free to call for more information at 805-704-9678

Samantha Huston

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Exceptional and informative article about Huston Saddles in CALIFORNIA 101 Magazine written by a local horsewoman and distance rider.
In October of 2023 we started filming SADDLE YOUR DREAMS, an inspiring short film by Holli Rae about how I came to be a saddle maker.  Stay tuned!


Sam's saddle shop is now located at home in rural Santa Margarita, California.

Saddles are made to order one at a time and custom tailored in person or using The SaddleCast at any distance.