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I am an artist, horsewoman, yogini & spiritual health guide living in the Santa Margarita 'Outback' with my small herd, Ocho Infinito, Sshowsational & Brando, three amazing horses...

We are now available  for lessons at Golden Pond Saddle Camp!


Quantum Biofeedback sessions are by appointment, please call for locations and times. I also travel with the device for animals and house or barn visits.

Ongoing Kundalini Yoga practice is at Wilwand Tea Co & Healing Arts in Atascadero.


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The Mermaid Bath

In 2011 I moved away from my home near the ocean to the ranch to be with the horses and miles of trails. In Cayucos, I could go to the seaside anytime, lay in the sand, refresh with a brisk dip or bring fresh seaweed right into my bath. I now have a clawfoot tub that sits outside our cabin in the trees. I began bringing fresh seaweed to the ranch. I strung hay bailing twine between pines and dried the sea plants in the sun to reconstitute later. The Mermaid Bath was born...

The healing properties of seaweed are vast. First of all, sea plants are the most mineral rich plants we have available. Being immersed in the them brings a grounding, stable feeling to your body, mind and spirit. You are immediately reintroduced to the energy of the earth, and it feels great! Algin, the chemical compound in kelp, has the ability to reduce stress from radiation. And of course the beauty factor. Seaweed tea is a magical elixer for skin and hair. You have to feel it and see it to believe it.

The Mermaid Bath is available in 2 oz bags for $11

locally at Wilwand Tea Co & Healing Arts at 5804 Traffic Way

in the heart of Atascadero, California

and worldwide on

contact me personally for special orders         (805) 704-9678